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Mobile Apps

iOS, Android, or Windows native application development made-to-order to meed your business needs. Experienced engineers are ready to tackle your next challenge.

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Web Development

We specialize in custom web applications and component development. From simple websites to complex cloud-enabled web applications we can deliver high quality solutions.

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Desktop Applications

Classic desktop applications may be less common today but we have a strong background delivering high performance Windows and Linux applications and services.

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Systems Integration

We have experience integrating across a wide range of software systems and components. 


Customer-Facing Applications Development

Do you have a cool idea for a software project but don't have the expertise in-house to make it happen?  Or perhaps your team is busy working on the next iteration of your main product and you need an additional app or a new feature integrated..

Donaq can help you build an application from scratch, or add extra features to an app you've already built.

Internal Business Applications Development

Many of the processes you go through day to day to run your business can be automated or optimized. Supply chain management, inventory and asset tracking, or organizing information for faster access - all these can be improved through custom software applications designed specifically for how your business operates.

We have experience creating business applications on a variety of platforms. We know that off the shelf tools won't fit your needs and that's why we custom build our software solutions for each client, for every project. This doesn't mean that we re-invent the wheel each time. We analyze the requirements and then examine the tool and software applications available. If it makes sense to reuse a component or framework will start there and build on that, or integrate it into your application.


Consulting Services

  • Business Processes Automation
  • Simplifying Management Tasks Through Software Customization
  • 3rd Party Resource Integration Solutions
  • Database Optimization and Management
  • Modification or Modernization of Existing Software Applications
  • Productivity Software Optimization
  • Data Backup and Recovery Planning
  • Specialized Software Components