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Soft Robots, Wearables and The Future of Mobility

Wearable Computing

Not long ago mobility meant ditching the desktop for a laptop computer. Today, wearables and augmented reality give new meaning to mobility but that's just the beginning. So if wearables are on the cutting edge of mobility today, what then about tomorrow?

Google To Acquire Nest - Android @Home 2.0


This appears to be the year of acquisitions for Google. After they announced the acquisition of Bitspin, the makers of the Timely alarm clock app, last week, Google just made another move into the home automation and integration space by acquiring Nest - the company behind the super popular smart thermostats and CO2 sensors.

ssd harddrive opened

We really love solid state drives. We really do! SSDs are blazing fast, ultra low power, ultra quiet, and generate almost no heat. And technically they should be great to use in a laptop because SSDs are not susceptible to mechanical failure.

The only issue with SSDs is that they can fail to memory cell wear.

That said, in order to fully capitalize on the performance of a solid state drive in Linux one has to do some manual tweaks. In this regard the internet abounds with posts more or less of dubious reliability ranging from widely recommended practices to more esoteric ones.

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